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Table 1 Physicians reasons for not using a CPG for AUB or hysterectomy (N = 177)

From: Management of abnormal uterine bleeding by northern, rural and isolated primary care physicians: PART II: What do we need?

Deterrent N (%)
I did not know that such a guideline existed 112 (63.3)
I am not familiar enough with the guideline 35 (19.8)
I am confident in managing abnormal uterine bleeding without a guideline 26 (14.7)
I don't have time to look through the guideline 9 (5.1)
I have searched, but was unable to find such a guideline 6 (3.4)
I never see cases of abnormal uterine bleeding 2 (1.1)
I do not agree with the guideline(s) 1 (0.6)
I do not believe in CPGs in general 1 (0.6)