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Table 13 Definitions of 'cure' and 'improvement'

From: Pelvic floor muscle training and adjunctive therapies for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women: a systematic review

Definitions of cure Studies Definitions of Improvement Studies
Less than 1 g loss on pad test Parkkinen (2004), Dumoulin (1995) Decrease of 50% or more in pad weight Aksac (2003)
1 g or less on pad test Aksac (2003)
Glavind (1996)
Self-report of less urine loss compared with pre-treatment Pieber (1995)
Less that 2 g loss on pad test (st.b.vl) Dumoulin (2004)
Knight (1998)
Self-report: continent (cured), almost continent (improved) (5 point Likert scale) Bo (1999)
2 g or less on stress test (st.b.vl) Bo (1999)
Morkved (2002)
Rare or minor incontinence on exertion & 'satisfied' Chen (1999)
Self-report: unproblematic (5 point Likert scale) Bo (1999)
Morkved (2002)
Decrease of > 50% in IE & decrease in 'symptoms' Pages (2001)
'No incontinence' (measure NR) & no incontinence on UDS Chen (1999) Greatly improved: >75% improvement on pad test Knight (1998)
No incontinence for 7 days Johnson (2001)   
No urine loss on any occasion & negative stress test Pieber (1995)   
No urine loss on paper towel test Miller (1998)   
  1. IE = incontinent episodes, st.b.vl. = standardised bladder volume, UDS = urodynamic studies