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Table 2 Percentage of women exposed to hormonal contraceptives (HC) and depot medroxy progesterone acetate (DMPA) by presence and severity of disease

From: Cervical dysplasia and cancer and the use of hormonal contraceptives in Jamaican women

  Presence of disease Severity of disease
Contraceptive used Comparison    
  Cases Group p value HGSILa LGSILb p value
HCc 79.4 67.4 0.023 82.9 69.8 0.032
DMPAd 69.0 46.7 0.003 75.0 53.7 0.012
  1. a LGSIL – low risk lesions
  2. b HGSIL – high risk lesions
  3. c HC = ever use of hormonal contraceptives by use of the pill, injection or in combination with other methods.
  4. d DMPA = women who reported ever use of injections alone or in combination with other methods.