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Table 1 Laboratory test performed and criteria used for diagnosis of RTI

From: Reproductive tract infections in women seeking abortion in Vietnam

Organism/syndrome Test performed Diagnostic criteria
Bacterial vaginosis KOH whiff test Positive whiff test
  Vaginal pH Vaginal pH > 4.5
  Vaginal smear for wet mount preparation and Gram staining Clue cells > 20% of all cells observed on wet preparation or Gram stain
  Vaginal microbiologic culture Positive culture (cervical or vaginal) for relevant microorganisms *
Chlamydia trachomatis SD Bioline Chlamydia dipstick test Positive test
  Chlamydia PCR (validation study) Positive test
Syphilis Abbott Determine Rapid Syphilis TP assay Positive test
Trichomonas NaCl wet mount preparation Trichomonas observed on wet mount preparation
  InPouch™ TV culture (validation study) Positive culture
Candidiasis NaCl wet mount preparation
Vaginal gram stain
Fungal elements observed on wet mount preparation; and/or 3–5 budding yeasts observed per oil immersion field on Gram stain.
  Vaginal microbiologic culture Culture of C. albicans
Gonorrhoea Endocervical smear for Gram staining Gram negative intracellular diplococci
  Endocervical microbiologic culture
InTray™ GC (validation study)
Positive culture
  1. * Including Gardnerella, Pseudomonas spp., and enterobacteriaceae.