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Table 1 Physical Activity Intervention Components

From: Increasing physical activity in postpartum multiethnic women in Hawaii: results from a pilot study

Theory-Based Mediators of Behavior Change Intervention Objective Intervention Method
Personal variables   
   a. Self-efficacy Setting and achieving a series of realistic short-term goals to produce multiple success experiences Telephone counseling
Problem solving
   b. Barriers Identify barriers to regular physical activity and develop ways to overcome them Motivational interviewing
Weekly Newsletters
   c. Outcomes expectancy Develop a realistic expectancies about the benefits of regular physical activity Tip Sheets
Email messages
   d. Perceived benefits Identify benefits of being active (e.g., more energy) CDs and DVDs to dance with infant and other children
   e. Enjoyable activities Select enjoyable activities and do them in comfortable settings Feedback about Pedometer steps
   f. Self-monitoring/feedback Record minutes of daily physical activity or pedometer steps; receive regular feedback on progress  
Social factors   
   Support for physical activity Guide women to ask family, friends, co-workers to assist with, or participate in, activities Newsletters with tip sheets
Telephone counseling
  Receive support & assistance from health educator Tips on partner support
Environmental factors   
   a. Access to facilities Provide women with list of resources that list local physical activity facilities such as health clubs, walking & biking trails, stroller-friendly parks Resource Directories
   b. Access to resources that promote activity   Newsletters with resource information
   c. Access to programs Inform women about local activity-related events for families/women to be active Telephone counseling
Referral to physical activity websites
Stages of change   Newsletters
   Use intervention methods appropriate to stage of change Assess readiness to change or increase physical activities; provide relevant information or skills Tip sheets
Telephone counseling