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Table 3 Therapy details

From: Management of musculoskeletal tumors during pregnancy: a retrospective study

  Radio- or Chemotherapy in pregnancy Neoadjuvant treatment Surgical treatment Adjuvant treatment
I No No Marginal tumor resection after delivery Radiotherapy
II No No En-bloc Resection after delivery Chemotherapy;
III No No Rotationplasty after delivery Chemotherapy; Radiotherapy
IV No   En-bloc resection after delivery Radiotherapy
V No Chemotherapy (febril neutropenia) Hemipelvectomy after delivery Chemotherapy
VI No No Resection after delivery Radiotherapy
VII No Radiotherapy Resection after delivery No
VIII No No 3 times amputation in pregnancya No
  1. asurgery in week 24, 27 and 28 (gestational age in weeks)