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Table 2 Hormonal treatment of endometriosis

From: Gastrointestinal symptoms among endometriosis patients—A case-cohort study

  Patients with endometriosis n = 109
Previous or current hormonal treatment (n)  
 Any type of hormonal treatment 106
 Combined oral contraceptives 90
 GnRH analogs 55
 Progesterone 55
 Estrogen 2
Current hormonal treatment (n), missing value = 23  
 Combined oral contraceptives 27
 Progesterone 24
 No hormonal treatment 24
 GnRH analogs 9
 Estrogen 2
Onset of gastrointestinal symptoms after hormonal treatment (Yes/No/Unknown) 23/27/59
Type of hormonal treatment causing symptoms (n)  
 After/during IVF 6
 After cessation of combined oral contraceptives 5
 After progesterone medication 3
 After or during usage of an IUD 2
 After GnRH treatment 2
 After Pergotime (Klomifen) treatment 1
  1. IVF = in vitro fertilization; GnRH = gonadotropin-releasing hormone; IUD = intrauterine device; n = number of patients. Patients presented can have had more than one hormonal treatment and have stated more than one hormonal treatment as the onset trigger for gastrointestinal symptoms. Patients assigned to the group “GnRH analogs” are those who reported GnRH analogs when asked about hormonal treatment and those who reported having undergone IVF. Values are given as number