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Table 1 Inclusion/exclusion criteria

From: A scoping review on determinants of unmet need for family planning among women of reproductive age in low and middle income countries

Criteria Inclusion Exclusion
Study design A quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method designs.  
Location Low and middle income countries. (Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East and Asia) High income countries (with Human Development Index 0.70 and above).
Date 1980 to 2014 Before 1980
Language English. Any other language.
Age Female: 15-49 years. Female: <15 and >50 years
Male: 18-54 years. Male: <18 years and > 54 years.
Research Focus Main focus on non-use or discontinuation of contraception, as well as unmet need for family planning Main focus on pregnancy, abstinence, age of sexual debut, number of sexual partners, HIV/STD prevention, use of contraception without consideration of non-use.