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Table 1 Data collection points and study measures

From: Antenatal psychosocial risk status and Australian women’s use of primary care and specialist mental health services in the year after birth: a prospective study

Time Measures Instrument + validation studies + indications of previous use
Maternal measures of perinatal mental health, psychosocial risk and mediating factors
 T1, T3
 T4, T5
Mental Heath Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) [41]
Hospital Anxiety and Depression (HADS) anxiety subscale [42]
 T1 Psychosocial risk Antenatal Risk Questionnaire (ANRQ)
 T1 Help-seeking General Help-Seeking Questionnaire [43]
Service need and utilisation
 T1-T5 Maternal rating of need, service utilisation and service quality Emotional Health Service Utilisation Questionnaire Comprises: 1) services the woman accessed for help; 2) types of health professionals seen; 3) types of treatments received; 4) when health professionals seen (pregnancy or postpartum); 5) rating of the helpfulness of contacts/treatments.