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Table 1 Proposed organisation of the French cancer cervical screening programme

From: Towards equity in organised cancer screening: the case of cervical cancer screening in France

All women 25–65 years of age
Global Strategy 1. Collective information campaigns and individual invitation
2. Training and diversification of health professionals (physicians, midwives, nurses)
3. Diffusion of recommendations to professionals, in particular for the follow-up of pregnant women (gynaecologists, general practitioners, midwives)
4. Practice harmonisation (standard, recommendations)
5. Data collection improvement
6. Evaluation
Targeted Strategies Criteria: No Pap-smear recorded for 3 years or more
Women over 50 years of age (age at which participation declines) → Collective awareness-raising for both women and health professionals
→ Individual invitation and information
Women unaware of their risks: precarious or homosexual women → Collective awareness-raising
→ Targeted information relayed by associations
Vulnerable populations/ populations remote from the health system (prostitutes, Roma, migrants...) → Implementation of targeted screening actions on the ground
→ Intervention of local and relevant associations
→ Targeted information
→ Action evaluation
Women at increased risk of cervical cancer (HIV, immunosuppression, diethylstilbestrol) → Awareness-raising for both women and health professionals
→ Information relayed by associations