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Table 2 Table of Performance Objectives

From: Effectiveness of a culturally tailored SMS alcohol intervention for same-sex attracted women: protocol for an RCT

Performance Objectives Targets of Change
Resilience Mental Health Social Support Motivation to Change
Reduce alcohol intake Able to cope with general and sexual orientation related stress and adversity in a healthy way rather than using alcohol as a coping mechanism. Able to use healthier coping strategies to deal with psychological distress related to sexual orientation rather than using alcohol to self-medicate. Make social connections where alcohol is not the focus of social gatherings. Understand what can be gained by reducing alcohol intake, feels confident about the ability to successfully reduce intake, and makes it a priority to achieve this.
Improve wellbeing Able to approach challenges with confidence, realistic optimism, and a sense of control. Is aware of own potential and limits, and can cope with stress and challenges. Increase time with positive social network who evoke self-confidence and optimism. Understand what can be gained by being healthier, feels confident about ability to successfully make these changes, and will prioritise looking after health and well-being.
Increase help-seeking Understand that by receiving positive support and help, aspects of resilience such as self-efficacy, hope, and coping, will be strengthened. Is aware of general and SSAW sensitive mental health services and understand what can be gained by seeking support. Is aware that informal supports (e.g. peers and support groups) can be positive sources of help and support but also understand that formal sources are important for significant emotional and mental health issues. Is aware of the services that are available to SSAW, feels confident in ability to engage with the services, and will make it a priority to contact services for help and support.