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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Why do they take the risk? A systematic review of the qualitative literature on informal sector abortions in settings where abortion is legal

Criteria Included Excluded
Topic Unsafe, informal sector abortion Safe abortion
Unsafe abortions that took place in a formal setting
Type of participant Women or friends or family of women who have undergone an unsafe, informal sector abortion
Informal sector abortion providers
Women who have not had an unsafe informal sector abortion
Formal setting providers
Settings Country where abortion is legal either without restriction as to reason or permitted in order to preserve health or on socioeconomic grounds- according to the Centre for Reproductive Rights’ world abortion laws. Countries where abortion is only allowed to save a woman’s life or prohibited altogether
Type of publication Qualitative or mixed method Quantitative only
Type of study Original, primary research data
Published literature
Secondary data, reviews, opinion pieces and reports.
Unpublished, grey literature
Language of publication English
Other than English or French
Publication date Any date after legalisation/liberalisation of laws- varies by paper Papers published before abortion laws were liberalised