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Table 1 Themes and constructs from scoping review

From: A qualitative exploration of ‘thrivership’ among women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse: Development of a new model

Topic Details
Shattering silences Was sharing your story/experience a part of the recovery process?
Is it necessary to thrive?
Has being around other women with the same experiences been an important part of the journey?
Sense of self How does a thriver’s sense of themselves differ to a non-thriver?
Mental and physical health What is someone’s health state if they are thriving?
Outlook on life and looking towards the future How does this change when thriving?
Spirituality and religion Have either of these played a part in participants' journeys?
Are they necessary to thrive?
Healing through forgiveness Has forgiveness played a part in participants' journeys, and is it necessary to thrive?
Social activism Has being active either in the community, socially or politically, been a part of the thrivership journey?
Have participants used their experiences to help others; Is this necessary to thrive?
Re-joining the community Do you need your own social group to thrive?
How do social groups change when thriving?
Home and safety Is a home/safe space needed to thrive? What does this look/feel like?
Internal resources Are there personal characteristics or resources that enable one to thrive?