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Table 1 Knowledge of cervical cancer causes, risk factors, prevention, screening and treatment among women with cervical cancer in Harare

From: Cervical cancer knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices of women aged at least 25 years in Harare, Zimbabwe

Question/variable Women with cervical cancer [N = 134]) (%)
Correct answer
 HPV as the cause of cervical cancer 31 (23)
 Correct prevention methods (early screening and treatment, male circumcision, eating healthy, use of condoms, sticking to one sexual partner, and abstinence from sex) 95 (71)
Risk factors
 HIV/AIDS 10 (7)
 STIs 50 (37)
 Multiple sexual partners without protection 22 (16)
 Uncircumcised partner 7 (5)
 Poor personal hygiene 1 (1)
 Use of herbs or traditional medicines in vagina 8 (6)
 Hospitals/clinics in my community offer screening for cervical cancer for free 98 (73)
 HIV testing is optional when being screened for cervical cancer. 98 (73)
Treatment of cervical cancer
 Treatment modalities for cervical cancer (surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy) 107 (80)