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Table 2 Attitudes, beliefs and practices towards cervical cancer, its screening and treatment among women with cervical cancer in Harare

From: Cervical cancer knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices of women aged at least 25 years in Harare, Zimbabwe

Questions Women with cervical cancer [N = 134] (%) Yes
 Cervical cancer treatment is for people with money 23 (17)
 Cervical cancer treatment procedure is embarrassing 1 (2)
 Screening is important for early treatment of cervical cancer 131 (98)
 Cervical cancer treatment saves lives 133 (99)
 Cervical cancer treatment gives a woman and their family peace of mind 133 (99)
 Cervical cancer treatment gives a woman control over her health. 133 (99)
 Cervical cancer treatment is not painful 70 (28)
 Cervical cancer treatment has no side-effects. 83 (69)
 Cervical cancer treatment is for all women regardless of background 128 (95)
 Cervical cancer cannot be treated 11 (8)
 Cervical cancer patients do not survive long even when treated 7 (5)
 Cervical cancer is best treated with herbs/traditional medicines 14 (10)
 Cervical cancer is best treated using spiritual means performed by prophets and pastors. 14 (10)
 Cervical cancer treatment is best done abroad 73 (54)
 Health professionals abroad provide better care for cervical cancer patients. 45 (33)
 Cervical cancer patients treated abroad have better survival chances 39 (29)
 Do you have a regular doctor whom you see when you require health services? 64 (48)
 Women ever screened for cervical cancer 127 (95)
 Women screened at least once in their life time 88 (66)