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Table 1 FL Intervention Content

From: A combination intervention addressing sexual risk-taking behaviors among vulnerable women in Uganda: study protocol for a cluster randomized clinical trial

Session# Content
1 Banking: Explore Common Perceptions about Banks and share personal banking experiences; Evaluate why a bank is better than a “piggybank”, “under the pillow” or “mattress account”; Introduction to local financial institutions and opening bank accounts; Safety and safety planning
2 Savings and Financial Goal Setting: Defining savings and why people save; Identifying challenges to savings, Setting savings goals related to family and vocation; Personal financial goal settings
3–4 Budgeting and Financial Planning: Examine Money Management and Balancing a Budget; Set Financial Planning Goals; Describe Importance of Budgeting; Staying within budget and cut spending.
5 Debt Management: Borrowing Money: Things You Need to Know; Managing Loans and Debt; Costs of Borrowing; Delinquency: What Is It and How Does It Happen? The Dangers of Over-Indebtedness and Default
6 Emergency Funds: Planning for Emergencies, Maintaining an Emergency Fund and Adjusting Savings Goals; Planning for the Future.
7 Behavioral Economics: Delay Discounting; Economic Utility; Information Salience; Loss Aversion