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Table 4 Mediating Effect of Depression between Anxiety and Leisure Constraints in All Cancer Patients (n = 106)

From: Mediating effects of depression on anxiety and leisure constraints in patients with breast cancer

Testing steps in mediation modeltBβR2P-value
Testing step 1 (path a)
 Predictorto Mediator9.780.770.690.48< .0001
Testing step 2 (path b)
 Mediatorto Outcome5.602.290.480.23< .0001
Testing step 3 (path c) k
 Predictorto Outcome5.190.110.450.20< .0001
Testing step 4 (path c′) k
 Predictorto Outcome1.970.990.230.26.051
  1. ß estimates represent the regression coefficient