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Table 1 Examples of coding and placing them in the categories and subcategories of TPB

From: Intention to quit water pipe smoking among Iranian women: a qualitative directed content analysis

Quotes of women who smoked water pipeCodeCategorySub-category
“At the moment, I have no intention to quit WP, but I think about reducing”Not having intention for quitting WPIntention 
“Quitting WP is useful for my health, it is harmful for lung, heart, teeth and pregnancy”Quitting WP is in favor of the personAttitude 
“Quitting WP can lead to having beautiful skin, healthy lung and heart, and teeth”Advantages/Disadvantages of quitting WP smoking Behavioral belief
“Having beautiful skin, healthy heart, lung, and teeth are important for me”Positive or negative evaluation
of quitting WP smoking
 Evaluation of results
My mom encourages me to quit WP, and she says it is not acceptable for a girl to smoke WP.”Feeling of social pressure for quitting WP smokingSubjective
My friends and family around me smoke WP and none of them want to quit it.”Individuals who would approve or disapprove quitting WP smoking Normative beliefs
“I don’t like to quit WP until I really want to do it. Even if my family and friends encourage me to stop it, I may not follow their advices.”Following/Not following the devices of significant others for quitting WP smoking Motivation to comply
“I have a great ability to quit WP. If I plan, I will certainly quit it, but it is a difficult task”People’s confidence that they are capable of quitting WP smokingPerceived behavioral control 
“I am unable to stop WP because of some barriers such as; it is a fun accessible. Its use is not addictive, and so on.)Factors that enable person or make it difficult to quite WP smoking Control belief
“Smoking WP as a fun, not being addictive, social-psychological problems, and having easy access to WP are obstacles that I am unable to quit WP smoking”Feeling or not feeling in control of quitting WP smoking Control power