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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of breast cancer patients

From: Breast cancer stigma among Indonesian women: a case study of breast cancer patients

No.Participants (Pseudonym)AgeMarital StatusJobLevel of Education
1.Rose47MarriedHousewifeSenior high school
2.Jasmine44MarriedHousewifeSenior high school
3.Bougainville57MarriedHousewifeSenior high school
4.Orchid51MarriedHousewifeJunior High School
5.Daisy43MarriedHousewifeSenior high school
6.Lily57MarriedHousewifeJunior High School
7.Aster48MarriedHousewifeSenior high school
8.Camellia40MarriedHousewifeSenior high school