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Table 3 Overview of the categories and subcategories that emerged in the analysis of the interviews

From: Women’s experiences of living with increased inter-recti distance after childbirth: an interview study

Categories Subcategories
The body’s function and ability has changed Disappointed in the body and its ability
Content with the body and what it is capable of, given the circumstances
Negative impact on functioning in daily life
The body does not look like it used to Ashamed of and sad about the appearance of the belly
The changed appearance of the body has a negative impact on self-image and self-esteem
Uncomprehending attitudes and treatment in their surroundings Lack of understanding from the surrounding community
The healthcare system does not know and does not care
My partner does not understand why I cannot be the same anymore
Trying to acquire an understanding of and strategies to cope with the diastasis Have searched for information on their own to learn about the diastasis
Have learnt about the diastasis from own bodily experiences
Struggle with acceptance through conciliation with the body’s abilities and appearance
Avoid activities of daily life and physical exercise
Have not thought much about the diastasis