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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for the general, clinical, and post-partum populations

From: Rationale and design of the validation of bladder health instrument for evaluation in women (VIEW) protocol

General population Clinical center population Postpartum population*
Inclusion criteria
Community dwelling
Age ≥ 18 years old
Female sex assigned at birth
Fluent in written and spoken English
Able to read and provide informed consent
Same inclusion criteria as general population
Additional criteria
Stand independently without human assist
Able to stand and toilet independently
Willing to complete PLUS-BHI validation survey and 2-day Bladder Health Symptom diary and 1-day Bladder Health Frequency-Volume diary prior to in-person clinical evaluation
Willing to commit to an in-person evaluation within 8 weeks of enrollment
Same inclusion criteria as general and clinical populations
Additional criteria
Pregnant in 3rd trimester or less than 12 weeks postpartum
Available and willing to come for an in-person evaluation within 8–12 weeks postpartum (may be enrolled prior to delivery)
Exclusion criteria
  Additional criteria
Pregnant at the time of data collection or within 12 weeks postpartum
Diagnosis or history of bladder cancer, kidney transplant, pelvic radiation, or currently getting dialysis
Current participation in a research study about bladder
Same exclusion criteria as the Clinical Population with the exception of being pregnant if enrolled in the 3rd trimester*
  1. *Postpartum population eligibility is independent of mode of delivery (spontaneous vaginal, operative vaginal, and cesarean deliveries)