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Table 2 Major categories, sub-categories and sub-themes related to Iranian women’s job experience

From: Iranian superwomen's career experiences: a qualitative study

Main categories Subcategories
Contextual factors of job experience Limited job opportunities for women
Educational context (mindset formed in birthparents’ home)
Obligation in getting a job and continuing it
Freedom in getting a job and continuing it
Personality characteristics
Non-cognitive abilities Spiritual intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Strategies adopted in solving job problems Effective strategies Benefiting from abundance mentality Win–win thinking
Use of environmental potentials
Use of individual potential
Having a vision and strategic planning
Ineffective strategies Benefiting from scarcity mentality Lack of proper use of opportunities
Win-lose thinking
Fear of risk
Perceived consequences of employment Psychological consequences Positive consequences Independence, self-esteem, happiness…
Social consequences Negative consequences Feeling of jealousy, Lack of interest in life Feelings of guilt, Feeling of anger towards others, Feeling of inadequacy
Positive consequences Social dignity
Negative consequences Pressures from multi-role expectations, Perceived gender pressures