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Table 2 Sub-categories, categories, and corresponding themes emerged from participants experiences

From: Society, family, and individual characteristics as double-edged swords in the social reintegration of Iranian female survivors from unintentional severe burns: a qualitative study of enablers and barriers

Content areas Sub-categories Categories Themes
Enablers Normal treatment of society Positive impact of society on SR Acceptance of the new normal by the society and the individual
Instrumental support
Magnifying personal abilities and assets Positive impact of family on SR
Empathy and emotional support
Coping with others stares Positive impact of personal characteristics on SR
Right to have a normal social life
Barriers Being questioned in public Negative impact of society on SR Being encompassed by misconceptions and mistreatments
Incorrect judgment about intent of burns
Burns as a contagious disease
Embarrassment of appearing in public with the survivor Negative impact of family on SR
Family mistrust
Exaggeration of the post-burn changes Negative impact of intra-personal factors on SR
Being over-sensitive to the others looks