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Table 3 Categories, subcategories, and sub-subcategories

From: Women's experiences in the transition to menopause: a qualitative research

Sub-subcategories Subcategories Categories
Physical changes
Psychological changes
Sexual changes
Feeling changes Mixing menopause and aging
Aging causes changes
Menopause causes changes
The ambiguity of the cause of changes
Bad temperateness
Feeling deficient
Intellectual conflict
Negative mood/behavioral reactions Life change
Changing relationships with spouse
Changing relationships with children
Negative effects of changes on social life
Exhaustion of power and ability
Fear of persistence of symptoms
Concerns about the persistence/intensification of symptoms Confrontation of fear and hope
Seeing oneself competent
Hope for recovery
Seeing a doctor and consultant
Getting rid of disturbing thoughts and problems
Attempting to overcome problems Life adjustment
Feeling better physically
Having a better mood
Effective efforts
Spouse attention
Decreased spouse attention
The need to be understood by the spouse Needs to facilitate the transition time
Having good friends
Sharing experiences
The need for sympathetic peers
Needing to see a doctor
Needing to see a consultant
The need for specialized guidance