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Table 3 Labeling each factor based on the relevant items by factor loading

From: Development and psychometric evaluation of Sexual and Reproductive Health Assessment Scale for women with educable intellectual disability (SRH-WIDS): a sequential exploratory mixed-method study

Items Factor loading
Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4 Factor 5 Factor 6 Factor 7
She has the ability to have menstrual hygiene 0.906       
She is dependent on me to change the sanitary pad 0.872       
She has the ability to have personal hygiene 0.614       
She needs help to carry out the activities of daily living 0.570       
When she sees sexual scenes, he imitates their content in the presence of others   0.721      
She has sex with his homosexual   0.720      
She behaves inappropriately towards the opposite sex (hugging, kissing, touching, showing her genitals)   0.654      
She has been sexually abused   0.638      
She talks to others about her sexual fantasies   0.612      
She masturbates in public places   0.358      
She is taught how to take care of herself against sexual abuse    0.820     
She is taught about privacy    0.746     
She is taught about sexual relationship    0.509     
She knows the private parts of the body     0.808    
She knows privacy     0.788    
She distinguishes the stranger     0.495    
She knows contraceptives methods      0.867   
She knows the possible consequences of having sex      0.684   
She has a correct knowledge of marriage issues      0.539   
She understands the emotional changes of others (happiness, sadness, fear and anger)       0.593  
She behaves appropriately to express her feelings to others: such as greeting, shaking hands, kissing and hugging       0.584  
She does not like to communicate with others       0.499  
She is anxious to be in public       0.452  
She becomes aggressive before menstruation        0.771
Her menstrual pains are unbearable        0.701