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Table 3 Prices for misoprostol packets bought during online mystery client study, 2019

From: Attempts to purchase misoprostol online in Indonesia: a mystery client study design

  Number of misoprostol purchases Percent of misoprostol purchases
Less than IDR 750,000 (USD 52*) 20 26.3
IDR 750,000–1,249,999 (USD 52–86) 50 65.8
IDR 1,250,000–1,500,000 (USD 87–106)† 6 7.9
Total 76 100
  1. These costs reflect all charges paid to online misoprostol sellers including shipping, which 16 sellers itemized, separate from the price of the drugs. Shipping prices ranged from IDR 9000 to 45,000, or roughly USD 0.62–3.11. Packages that mystery clients paid for, but did not receive, are included in this table
  2. *These currency conversion costs are based on the exchange rate in September 2019
  3. The maximum allowable price we determined we would pay was IRD 1,500,000 per sale