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Correction to: Clitoral leiomyoma in a premenopausal woman: a case report

Correction to: BMC Women's Health (2020) 20:89

Fig. 1

Physical examination, soft bi-lobated fluid-filled swelling of the right interlabial fossa slightly diverting the clitoris on the opposite side. The pathologic examination showed a Bartholin’s gland cyst, which was surprising considering the anatomical localization of this lesion

Fig. 2

Intra-operative image of the leiomyoma arising from the right side of clitoris after excision of the first Bartholin’s gland cyst

Fig. 3

Macroscopic view of the clitoridal mass. (1 square is 1 cm)

Fig. 4

Microscopic aspect of the clitoridal mass showing intersecting fascicles of spindled cells intermixed with collagen (HE, 200x)

Fig. 5

Intra-operative image of the vulvar defect at 6 months after the first surgery. After first surgery, the patient complained of superficial dyspareunia. At clinical examination, a 7mm skin defect was discovered. Initially conservative management was undertaken with unsatisfying evolution. A surgical correction was proposed and accepted by the patient

Following publication of the original article [1], the authors identified an error in figure order display and figure legends.

The correct figure order and respective legends is shown below:


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    Taraschi G, et al. Clitoral leiomyoma in a premenopausal woman: a case report. BMC Women's Health. 2020;20:89.

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