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  1. Intrauterine adhesions (IUA) are a challenging clinical problem in reproductive infertility. The most common causes are intrauterine surgery and abortions. We aimed to investigate whether early second-look off...

    Authors: Ni-Chin Tsai, Yu-Yang Hsiao, Yu-Ting Su, Yu-Ju Lin, Fu-Tsai Kung, Ping-Ho Chen and Kuo-Chung Lan
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:400
  2. Women experiencing problematic menopausal symptoms report lower health-related quality of life and greater healthcare use than women without symptoms. Not all women want to or are able to take hormone replacem...

    Authors: Annemarie Money, Aylish MacKenzie, Gill Norman, Charlotte Eost-Telling, Danielle Harris, Jane McDermott and Chris Todd
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:399
  3. Pelvic organ prolapse is the implosion of one or more pelvic floor structures which affect womens quality of life by compromising overall health, physical, social, structural, functional and emotional well-being.

    Authors: Ayenew Tega, Fentahun Yenealem, Getahun Belay, Eden Asmare, Temesgen Getaneh, Misgana Desalegn, Natnael Dechasa and Zemenu Addis
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:398
  4. Nutrition is important to the management and relief of the symptoms in menstrual disorders. This study aims to investigate the relationship between menstrual disorders and specific foods and nutrient intake in...

    Authors: Hatice Kübra Barcın Güzeldere, Emine Hilal Efendioğlu, Sümeyye Mutlu, Havva Nur Esen, Gamze Nur Karaca and Beyzanur Çağırdar
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:397
  5. Aging results in many changes in health status, body composition, muscle strength, and, ultimately, functional capacity. These changes coincide with significant alterations in the endocrine system, such as ins...

    Authors: Yasaman Nasir, Mohammad Reza Hoseinipouya, Hesam Eshaghi and Mohammad Hossein Rahimi
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:396
  6. Neuropsychiatric disorders and cervical cancer exert substantial influences on women’s health. Furthermore, neuropsychiatric disorders frequently manifest as common symptoms in cancer patients, potentially inc...

    Authors: Jie Li, Jie Qi, Junqin Zhang, Yuan Zhang and Xianghua Huang
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:394
  7. Cervical cancer (CC) is among the most prevalent cancer types among women with the highest prevalence in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). It is a curable disease if detected early. Machine learning (M...

    Authors: Florence Namalinzi, Kefas Rimamnuskeb Galadima, Robinah Nalwanga, Isaac Sekitoleko and Leon Fidele Ruganzu Uwimbabazi
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:393
  8. Cervical cancer screening uptake remains low despite being a critical prevention method for adult women living with HIV(WLHIV). These women experience greater incidence and persistence of high-risk human papil...

    Authors: Collins David Agaba, Alexcer Namuli, Brenda Ainomugisha, Leevan Tibaijuka, Mackline Ninsiima, Joseph Ngonzi, Cecilia Akatukwasa and Asiphas Owaraganise
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:392
  9. The racial/ethnic and gender disparities in cardiovascular disease (CVD) morbidity and mortality in the United States are evident. Across nearly every metric, non-Hispanic Black women have poorer overall cardi...

    Authors: Yue Liao, R. Matthew Brothers, Kyrah K. Brown and Rebecca E. Lee
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:391
  10. There is a scarcity of prospective clinical research evidence regarding the utilization of transvaginal natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (vNOTES) as a treatment option for ovarian cysts. The obj...

    Authors: Jinbowen Yan, Dan Zhou, Shuo Zhang, Bo Zhang, Xunyuan Tuo, Qingwei Meng and Qiubo Lv
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:390
  11. Sexual risk-taking and struggles in managing romantic relationships may put young women with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, and...

    Authors: Karin Wallin, Siw Alehagen, Lena Hanberger, Inger Wallin Lundell and Sally Hultsjö
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:389
  12. Chronic pelvic pain is a common disease that affects approximately 4% of women of reproductive age in developed countries. This number is estimated to be higher in developing countries, with a significant nega...

    Authors: José Antonio Vargas-Costales, Carmen Yolanda de Las Mercedes Villa Rosero, Suleimy Cristina Mazin, Francisco José Candido-dos-Reis, Antonio Alberto Nogueira, Julio Cesar Rosa-e-Silva and Omero Benedicto Poli-Neto
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:388
  13. Observational studies have found a correlation between the levels of blood lipids and the development and progression of endometriosis (EM). However, the causality and direction of this correlation is unclear....

    Authors: Zhenna Wang, Chunxian Zhan, Linghua Liao, Ye Luo, Shunhe Lin and Shihan Yan
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:387
  14. Endometriosis is considered as a systemic disease with the presence of proinflammatory cytokines in the circulation, which drives hypercoagulable state of endometriosis. Currently, endometriosis is classified ...

    Authors: Lu Wang, Jingxian Ling, Xianghong Zhu, Yan Zhang, Rong Li, Jingjing Huang, Doudou Huang, Chan Wu and Huaijun Zhou
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:386
  15. In this study, we investigated the relationship between the risk of postoperative progressive disease (PD) in breast cancer and depression and sleep disorders in order to develop and validate a suitable risk p...

    Authors: Jun Shen, Dan Zhou, Meng Wang, Fan Li, Huan-Huan Yan, Jun Zhou and Wen-Wen Sun
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:385
  16. Period poverty is a significant issue that impacts the physical and psychological well-being of menstruators worldwide which can further contribute to poor mental health outcomes. For menstruators living in re...

    Authors: Nadia Muhaidat, Joud Al Karmi, Abdulrahman M. Karam, Farah Abushaikha and Mohammad Ali Alshrouf
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:384
  17. The role of bacterial contamination in the development and progression of endometriosis lesions is currently a hot topic for gynecologists. In this study, we decided to compare the endometrial cultures of wome...

    Authors: Zohreh Tavana, Elham Askary, Mohammad Motamedi Far, Faranak Fatehpoor, Saeedeh Frooghinia, Alimohammad Keshtvarz Hesam Abadi, Kefayat Chamanara and Saeed Alborzi
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:383
  18. For women who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), it is crucial not only to treat them but also to evaluate the risk of recurrence. The study aimed to develop a risk predictive model to predict th...

    Authors: Xin Yang, Ruifang Wang, Wei Zhang, Yanting Yang and Fang Wang
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:381
  19. The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of a multiparametric ultrasound imaging omics model in predicting the risk of postoperative recurrence and molecular typing of breast cancer.

    Authors: Xinyu Song, Haoyi Xu, Xiaoli Wang, Wen Liu, Xiaoling Leng, Yue Hu, Zhimin Luo, Yanyan Chen, Chao Dong and Binlin Ma
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:380
  20. Cervical cancer is the second most common malignancy in Ethiopia and first in some African countries. It is six times more likely to occur in positive cases of the human immunodeficiency virus than in the gene...

    Authors: Fenta Reta Zegeye, Temesgen Dessalegne Legasu, Fekade Demeke Bayou and Mohammed Ahmed Ali
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:377
  21. The nutritional status of the mothers before pregnancy and the weights gained during pregnancy are very crucial factors affecting the pregnancy outcomes and health of the infants. This study aimed to assess ea...

    Authors: Girma Alemayehu Beyene, Mukrem Abdulwehab Yunus, Aberash Beyene Deribew and Abebaw Wasie Kasahun
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:376
  22. Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (PJS) is characterized by the presence of hamartomatous polyps in the gastrointestinal tract and mucocutaneous pigmentation on the lips, oral mucosa, nose, fingers, and toes. Synchronous...

    Authors: Yue Zhou, Xinyi Wang, Yang Li, Weiru Zhang, Xiaoxuan Xu, Yingxin Pang and Peishu Liu
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:375
  23. Despite the importance of health literacy and the self-care skills in improving individual and social health and health costs reduction, scientific evidence indicates women’s poor awareness of self-care needs ...

    Authors: Fereshteh Kohansal, Roghaiyeh Nourizadeh, Niloufar Sattarzadeh Jahdi, Mahdie Arab Bafrani and Esmat Mehrabi
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:374
  24. Existing estimates of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) behaviors may be a gross undercount given the sensitivity of this behavior in Indian culture. The objective of this study was to estimate ...

    Authors: Suzanne O. Bell, Danish Ahmad, Anoop Khanna, Haley L. Thomas and Caroline Moreau
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:373
  25. To investigate the impact of chronic endometritis (CE) on the recurrence of endometrial polyps (EPs) in premenopausal women after transcervical resection of endometrial polyps (TCRP).

    Authors: Jing Huang, Xiao You, Zijun Zhao, Xiaorui Jiang and Dacheng Qu
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:372
  26. Structural, interpersonal and individual level factors can present barriers for HIV prevention behaviour among people at high risk of HIV acquisition, including women who sell sex. In this paper we document th...

    Authors: Kenneth Roger Katumba, Mercy Haumba, Yunia Mayanja, Yvonne Wangui Machira, Mitzy Gafos, Matthew Quaife, Janet Seeley and Giulia Greco
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:371
  27. Underdiagnosis of female genital tuberculosis (FGTB) often leads to infertility. In this study, we aimed to determine the site and histopathologic patterns of FGTB and its correlation with clinical presentatio...

    Authors: Kidest Melkamu, Amanuel Damie, Senait Ashenafi, Moti Sori, Selfu Girma, Sofia Yimam, Negash Baye and Belachew Shote
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:370
  28. In Ethiopia, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) was predominantly studied among university students who were in their early 20s; as a result, little is known about the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome among adoles...

    Authors: Demissie Teshome Wochekaw, Dagnachew Melak, Yonas Fissha Adem, Tesfalem Tilahun Yemane, Shambel Ayichew Tsegaw and Mengistu Mera Mihiretu
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:368
  29. Pelvic floor disorders are a group of disorders affecting the pelvic floor that include clinically definable conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence. These conditi...

    Authors: Berihun Assefa Demissie, Merete Kolberg Tennfjord, Tewodros Mihiret, Yohannes Abich, Ashenafi Zemed, Zelalem Mengistu and Solomon Gedlu Nigatu
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:367
  30. Insulin resistance (IR) induces hyperinsulinemia, which activates downstream signaling pathways such as the phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase/protein kinase B (PI3K/AKT) pathway, ultimately leading to abnormal pro...

    Authors: Xuelin Li, Feifan Wang, Mengzhu Chen, Li Ling, Fengfeng Zhao and Danhong Peng
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:366
  31. This study aimed to evaluate the outcomes of patients diagnosed with stage IB2/IIA2 cervical squamous cell carcinoma who underwent neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) prior to radical hysterectomy compared to thos...

    Authors: Aysun ALCI, Okan Aytekin, Burak Ersak, Fatih Kilic, Okan Oktar, Cakır Caner, Vakkas Korkmaz, Gunsu Kimyon Comert, İlker Selcuk, Tayfun Toptas, Nurettin Boran, Tolga Tasci, Alper Karalok, Derman Basaran, Ozlem Moraloglu Tekin, Yaprak Engin Ustun…
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:365
  32. Sexual dysfunction may lead to sexual distress in women with infertility, while polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) may escalate this distress. This study aimed to investigate the role of PCOS in the relationsh...

    Authors: Bita Tahmasbi, Reza Eshraghi, Mohammadali Amini-Tehrani, Hadi Zamanian and Ashkan Ilami
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:364
  33. Intimate partner violence (IPV) can be described as a violation of human rights that results from gender inequality. It has arisen as a contemporary issue in societies from both developing and industrialized c...

    Authors: Sayantani Manna, Damini Singh, Manish Barik, Tanveer Rehman, Shishirendu Ghosal, Srikanta Kanungo and Sanghamitra Pati
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:363
  34. In the United States (U.S.), racially minoritized people have higher rates of cervical cancer morbidity and mortality compared to white individuals as a result of racialized structural, social, economic, and h...

    Authors: Madina Agénor, Madeline Noh, Rose Eiduson, Merrily LeBlanc, Emmett C. Line, Roberta E. Goldman, Jennifer Potter and S. Bryn Austin
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:362
  35. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a widely seen reproductive and endocrinological disorder. PCOS can exert substantial effects on many aspects of an individual’s life, including reproductive health and psy...

    Authors: Marwa Almahareeq, May Hamdan, Divya Vanoh, Nuha Shawarb, Jana Herbawi, Eman Shawar, Raneen Al-wohoush, Manar Mohtaseb and Manal Badrasawi
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:360
  36. Breast imaging clinics in the United States (U.S.) are increasingly implementing breast cancer risk assessment (BCRA) to align with evolving guideline recommendations but with limited uptake of risk-reduction ...

    Authors: Jessica D. Austin, Emily James, Rachel L Perez, Gina L. Mazza, Juliana M. Kling, Jessica Fraker, Lida Mina, Imon Banerjee, Richard Sharpe and Bhavika K. Patel
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:359
  37. Previous observational studies have indicated an inverse correlation between circulating sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels and the incidence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Nevertheless, conventi...

    Authors: Xiaofeng Guo, Langlang Chen, Jianhua He, Xiaozhi Zhang and Shui Xu
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:357
  38. Civilian war and internal conflicts increase the incidences of mental health conditions among war survivors. It is crucial to assess war-related psychological consequences in war-affected areas in Ethiopia to ...

    Authors: Endalamaw Salelew, Yohannes Awoke Assefa, Rediet Getachew, Goshu Nenko, Biruk Fanta, Tadele Amare, Demeke Demilew, Endalkachew Dellie, Andualem Yalew Aschalew, Geta Asrade, Zelalem Demeke, Kegnie Shitu, Getachew Azeze Eriku, Chanyalew Worku, Alemu Kassaw Kibret, Tsegaye Gebremedhin Haile…
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:356
  39. The workplace plays a key role in impacting the health and well-being of employees at various levels, including physical, psychological, and social aspects of health. This study aims to identify the drivers of...

    Authors: Mitra Faghihi, Aliasghar Farshad, Nasim Salehi, Dean Whitehead, Masoud Motalebi Ghayen, Bahar Izadi and Morteza Mansourian
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:355
  40. The sex steroid hormones fluctuate during the menstrual cycle, which affects the strength and postural stability of females and leads to injuries and risk of falls. These hormones may be modulated by exercise ...

    Authors: Wajiha Shahid, Rabiya Noor and Muhammad Salman Bashir
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:354
  41. The aim of this study was to describe the longitudinal developmental trajectories and its influencing factors of sexual activity in patients with breast cancer during treatment.

    Authors: Zhang Tian, Zhang Xiaolu, Yang Jing, Wen Min, Liao Jiaqian, Chen Shouli, Wang Yingyin, Deng Xiaoyuan, Liu Xiaoyan and Wang Guorong
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2024 24:352

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