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  1. Content type: Research article

    British Pakistanis are one of the largest ethnic minority groups living in the UK, with high rates of maternal depression being reported in this population. Evidence suggests that culturally-adapted Cognitive ...

    Authors: Sobia Khan, Karina Lovell, Farah Lunat, Yumna Masood, Sadia Shah, Barbara Tomenson and Nusrat Husain

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:21

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research article

    Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant public health issue that affects one in three women globally and a similarly large number of women in Nepal. Although important policy and programmatic steps ha...

    Authors: Cari Jo Clark, Gemma Ferguson, Binita Shrestha, Prabin Nanicha Shrestha, Brian Batayeh, Irina Bergenfeld, Stella Chang and Susi McGhee

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:20

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research article

    In biomedical prevention trials, correct and consistent use of the investigational product is crucial to determine efficacy. Product adherence in VOICE, a phase 2B randomized trial of a vaginal gel and oral ta...

    Authors: Ariana W. K. Katz, Barbara S. Mensch, Kubashni Woeber, Petina Musara, Juliane Etima and Ariane van der Straten

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:18

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research article

    Women’s economic empowerment has long been assumed to lead to their social empowerment, but systematic tests of this relationship have only recently begun to appear in the literature. Theory predicts that cont...

    Authors: Margaret E. Tankard, Elizabeth Levy Paluck and Deborah A. Prentice

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:17

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Research article

    SNF5 is a key protein in regulating cell proliferation and apoptosis in various cancers. However, the physiological roles of SNF5 in Endometrial carcinoma (EC), which is one of the most frequent malignancies o...

    Authors: Shiying Sun, Yi Wu, Kai Zeng and Yue Zhao

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:16

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Research article

    To describe sexual risk behavior, alcohol (and other substance) use, and perceived health promotion needs among young adult women seeking care from an urban reproductive health care clinic in the Northeastern ...

    Authors: Alyssa L. Norris, Carla Rich, Naomi Krieger, Kate M. Guthrie, Clair Kaplan, Kate B. Carey and Michael P. Carey

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:15

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research article

    Cesarean scar endometriosis (CSE) is the most common type of abdominal wall endometriosis (AWE). The aim of this study was to systematically identify the clinical features of CSE and recommend precautionary me...

    Authors: Ping Zhang, Yabing Sun, Chen Zhang, Yeping Yang, Linna Zhang, Ningling Wang and Hong Xu

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:14

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research article

    Because it is difficult to diagnose accurately whether uterine corporeal mesenchymal tumors are benign or malignant before surgery, an understanding of the characteristics of patients with uterine sarcomas occ...

    Authors: Yumi Ishidera, Hiroshi Yoshida, Yuka Oi, Kayo Katayama, Etsuko Miyagi, Hiroyuki Hayashi and Hiroyuki Shigeta

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:13

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research article

    When untreated, dyslipidemia is a higher risk factor for stroke and stroke-related mortality in men than in women. However, when dyslipidemia is treated the risk reduction is the same, but men benefited from m...

    Authors: Brice Blum, Leah Wormack, Mason Holtel, Alexandria Penwell, Shyyon Lari, Brittany Walker and Thomas I. Nathaniel

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:11

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Research article

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is of frequent occurrence in Saudi females and is often associated with obesity, insulin resistance, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, and infertility. Since these features are ...

    Authors: Maha H. Daghestani, Mazin H. Daghestani, Mamoon H. Daghistani, Geir Bjørklund, Salvatore Chirumbolo and Arjumand Warsy

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:10

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research article

    There is limited evidence regarding the ways in which displacement disrupts social norms, expectations and trajectories for adolescent girls and young women and the resulting impacts on their risks of violence...

    Authors: Alison Wringe, Ekua Yankah, Tania Parks, Omar Mohamed, Mohamad Saleh, Olivia Speed, Rebecca Hémono, Bridget Relyea, Mahad Ibrahim, Jaspal S. Sandhu and Jennifer Scott

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:9

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Debate

    The prevalence of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vaginal microbiota types varies dramatically between different populations around the world. Understanding what underpins these differences is important, as high-...

    Authors: Chris R. Kenyon, Wim Delva and Rebecca M. Brotman

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:8

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Research article

    In many European countries, women have a higher sickness absence rate than men.

    Authors: Madelaine Törnquist Agosti, Ingemar Andersson, Åsa Bringsén and Ann-Christin Janlöv

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:7

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Research article

    Cervical cancer in Saudi Arabia is ranked as the third most frequent gynecological cancer among women. The Pap smear test is a screening test that can be used as a primary prevention tool for cervical cancer, ...

    Authors: Arwa I. Aldohaian, Sulaiman A. Alshammari and Danyah M. Arafah

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:6

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research article

    Obstetric fistula is an abnormal connection between the vagina and rectum and/or bladder, which leads to continuous urinary or fecal incontinence. It is a serious problem in the world poorest countries, where ...

    Authors: Leltework Yismaw, Kassahun Alemu, Abebaw Addis and Muluneh Alene

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:5

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research article

    HPV DNA is found in almost 80% of VIN/VaIN. Current management is inadequate, with high recurrence rates. Our objective was to review the literature regarding the role of HPV vaccine in secondary prevention an...

    Authors: Stacey Bryan, Cynthia Barbara, Jane Thomas and Adeola Olaitan

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:3

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Research article

    Cancer screening programs hold much potential for reducing the cervical cancer disease burden in developing countries. The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of mobile health (mHealth) phone te...

    Authors: Jennifer Moodley, Deborah Constant, Matthys H. Botha, Frederick H. van der Merwe, Amanda Edwards and Mariette Momberg

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2019 19:2

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Research article

    There is little data on Trichomonas vaginalis infection in Ghana. This study evaluated the prevalence of trichomoniasis using different diagnostic methods and determined the risk factors for infection in patients...

    Authors: Richard Harry Asmah, Rita Ofosuaa Agyeman, Noah Obeng-Nkrumah, Harriet Blankson, Georgina Awuah-Mensah, Momodou Cham, Listowell Asare and Patrick Ferdinand Ayeh-Kumi

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:206

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Research article

    To compare potential factors associated with deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) versus ovarian endometrioma (OMA) among endometriosis patients in China.

    Authors: Yi Dai, Yingfang Zhou, Xinmei Zhang, Min Xue, Pengran Sun, Jinhua Leng and Charles Chapron

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:205

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Research article

    Most studies on female sexual dysfunction are performed in population inventories and under specific clinical conditions. These approaches are performed using validated psychometric scales. Different scales to...

    Authors: Christiane Kelen Lucena da Costa, Maria Helena Constantino Spyrides and Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de Sousa

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:204

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Research article

    Osteoporosis is a skeletal metabolic disorder characterized by low bone mineral density (BMD) and reduced bone strength leading to higher bone fractures risk. The present study attempted to investigate the eff...

    Authors: Hamid Arazi, Mahbobeh Samadpour and Ehsan Eghbali

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:202

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Research article

    In Mozambique, both the government and partners have undertaken efforts over the last decade to improve FP (family planning) services, especially through training health care providers and promoting the uptake...

    Authors: Anna Galle, Heleen Vermandere, Sally Griffin, Málica de Melo, Lino Machaieie, Dirk Van Braeckel and Olivier Degomme

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:201

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Research article

    Previous studies have shown that woman attending their first cervical screening or colposcopy appointment experience negative emotions, primarily anxiety and fear. With the introduction of the Human Papillomav...

    Authors: Ailie Young, Seonaidh Cotton and Margaret Eleanor Cruickshank

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:200

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Research article

    The purpose of this comprehensive meta-analysis was to assess the association of aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) expression with overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS)/progression-free survival (P...

    Authors: Yan Xia, Xuemin Wei, Hui Gong and Yunxiang Ni

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:199

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Research article

    Despite efforts at curbing maternal morbidity and mortality, developing countries are still burdened with high rates of maternal morbidity and mortality. Ethiopia is not an exception and has one of the world’s...

    Authors: Gezahegn Tesfaye, Deborah Loxton, Catherine Chojenta, Nega Assefa and Roger Smith

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:198

    Published on:

  26. Content type: Case report

    Early diagnosis and efficient management of Chronic Endometritis (CE) in patients seeking fertility treatment are two components every practitioner wishes to address. With respect to endometrial restoration, a...

    Authors: Konstantinos Sfakianoudis, Mara Simopoulou, Yorgos Nikas, Anna Rapani, Nikolaos Nitsos, Katerina Pierouli, Athanasios Pappas, Agni Pantou, Christina Markomichali, Michael Koutsilieris and Konstantinos Pantos

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:197

    Published on:

  27. Content type: Study protocol

    Lifestyle, in particular obesity and smoking has significant impacts on fertility and an important focus for the treatment of reproductive failures is the optimisation of periconceptional lifestyle behaviours....

    Authors: Ka Ying Bonnie Ng, Susan Wellstead, Ying Cheong and Nick Macklon

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:196

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Research article

    Women have been assuming more responsibilities and higher positions in major companies, which exposes them to high levels of stress. Higher perceived work stress is related to higher emotional reactivity. Diff...

    Authors: Fernanda B. C. Pires, Shirley S. Lacerda, Joana B. Balardin, Bruna Portes, Patrícia R. Tobo, Carla R. C. Barrichello, Edson Amaro Jr and Elisa H. Kozasa

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:195

    Published on:

  29. Content type: Research article

    Unplanned pregnancy is a significant problem in Australia. Local data pertaining to use of the levonorgestrel-releasing intra-uterine device (LNG-IUD), and associated factors are limited. The aim of this analy...

    Authors: Amie L. Bingham, Cameryn C. Garrett, Christine Bayly, Anne M. Kavanagh, Louise A. Keogh, Rebecca J. Bentley and Jane S. Hocking

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:194

    Published on:

  30. Content type: Research article

    The postpartum period is an opportune time for contraception adoption, as women have extended interaction with the reproductive healthcare system and therefore more opportunity to learn about and adopt contrac...

    Authors: Nerissa Nance, Lauren Ralph, Nancy Padian, Frances Cowan, Raluca Buzdugan, Angela Mushavi, Agnes Mahomva and Sandra I McCoy

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:193

    Published on:

  31. Content type: Debate

    The French national cancer institute (INCa) conducted a series of studies to assist decision-making in view of the implementation of organised cervical cancer screening that will be launched in 2018. The progr...

    Authors: Sylviane Darquy, Grégoire Moutel, Odile Jullian, Stéphanie Barré and Nathalie Duchange

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:192

    Published on:

  32. Content type: Research article

    Women’s sexuality may be adversely affected during the menopausal transition. This exploratory qualitative study was conducted to explore how women assign meaning to and process sexual motivation during the me...

    Authors: Zeinab Javadivala, Effat Merghati-Khoei, Carol Underwood, Mojgan Mirghafourvand and Hamid Allahverdipour

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:191

    Published on:

  33. Content type: Research article

    Contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) for married women aged 15–49 in Ethiopia is 36%, with 35% using modern methods and 1% using traditional methods. However, the discontinuation rate is fairly high. Women usua...

    Authors: Nigisti Belete, Ayalnesh Zemene, Hadgay Hagos and Abere Yekoye

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:190

    Published on:

  34. Content type: Research article

    Early discontinuation of the Implanon contraceptive method and reasons for such discontinuation remains a major concern for family planning programs. In less developed countries, contraceptive discontinuation ...

    Authors: Abreham Nageso and Achamyelesh Gebretsadik

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:189

    Published on:

  35. Content type: Research article

    Spontaneous miscarriage is the most common complication of pregnancy, occurring in up to 20% of pregnancies. Despite the prevalence of miscarriage, little is known regarding peoples’ awareness and understandin...

    Authors: Indra San Lazaro Campillo, Sarah Meaney, Jacqueline Sheehan, Rachel Rice and Keelin O’Donoghue

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:188

    Published on:

  36. Content type: Research article

    Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) coverage has been low in Ethiopia and the service has been implemented in a fragmented manner. Solutions to this problem have mainly been sought on the su...

    Authors: Elias Asfaw Zegeye, Josue Mbonigaba and Zacharie Tsala Dimbuene

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:187

    Published on:

  37. Content type: Research article

    To investigate the impact of follicular flushing on the number of oocytes retrieved and embryo quality and to determine the optimal number of flushings for poor ovarian responders (PORs) undergoing in vitro fe...

    Authors: Yu Xiao, Yong Wang, Min Wang and Kai Liu

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:186

    Published on:

  38. Content type: Research article

    Women at an increased risk of ovarian cancer often have to decide for or against the surgical removal of their healthy ovaries to reduce their cancer risk. This decision can be extremely difficult. Despite thi...

    Authors: Anne Herrmann, Alix Hall and Anthony Proietto

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:184

    Published on:

  39. Content type: Research article

    Menstruation is a universal aspect of human female reproductive life. Management of menstrual flow presents hygiene challenges to girls and women in low-income countries, especially when they first start their...

    Authors: L. Lewis Wall, Kibrom Teklay, Alem Desta and Shewaye Belay

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:183

    Published on:

  40. Content type: Research article

    Early and late age at menarche are associated with risk of hypertension, but little is known whether modifiable lifestyle can reduce this risk.

    Authors: Liqiong Guo, Cheng Peng, Hui Xu, Ander Wilson, Peng-hui Li, Hao Wang, Hongbin Liu, Lilin Shen, Xi Chen, Xiuying Qi, Nai-jun Tang, Timothy M. Barrow and Hyang-Min Byun

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:182

    Published on:

  41. Content type: Research article

    Individuals with high sexual compulsivity are preoccupied with their sexual desire to such an extent that it interferes with their normal daily life and can inhibit self-control. Previous studies have found a ...

    Authors: Mengyun Luo, Liping Zhu, Yuanyuan Dong, Zezhou Wang, Qiuming Shen, Dandan Mo, Li Du, Zhiruo Zhang and Yong Cai

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:181

    Published on:

  42. Content type: Research article

    To combine results from a randomized controlled study (RCT) and an observational study (OS) to evaluate discontinuation rate of a levonorgestrel-containing intrauterine contraceptive device (LNG IUD) in a real...

    Authors: Tatsiana Vaitsiakhovich, Anna Filonenko, Richard Lynen, Jan Endrikat and Christoph Gerlinger

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:180

    Published on:

  43. Content type: Research article

    Endogenous ovarian hormones as well as exogenous oestradiol and progesterone play an important role in cognitive processing. Specifically, these hormones play a role in different aspects of memory, both in ter...

    Authors: Filippo Bianchini, Paola Verde, Stefano Colangeli, Maddalena Boccia, Felice Strollo, Cecilia Guariglia, Giuseppe Bizzarro and Laura Piccardi

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:179

    Published on:

  44. Content type: Research article

    To evaluate fertility knowledge and awareness among infertile women attending an Indian assisted fertility clinic and their understanding of the menstrual cycle, how age affects fertility and need for assisted...

    Authors: Reeta Mahey, Monica Gupta, Shobha Kandpal, Neena Malhotra, Perumal Vanamail, Neeta Singh and Alka Kriplani

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:177

    Published on:

  45. Content type: Research article

    Miscarriage is a common event which is estimated to occur in approximately one in four confirmed pregnancies (Collins et al, Grief Matters Aust J Grief Bereave_ 17:44, 2014, St John et al, Aust J Adv Nurs_ 23:...

    Authors: Clare Bellhouse, Meredith J. Temple-Smith and Jade E. Bilardi

    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2018 18:176

    Published on: